Neighborhood renewal, Maurik

Maurik De Slaag_Neighborhood renewal project

12N Urban Matters worked together with Linssen & Van Asseldonk on a future vision for De Slaag, a small neighborhood in the western part of Maurik. How do you offer the neighborhood and its residents a perspective into their place of residence? In an interactive process, the ways of working with the 200 residential units, the soon-to-be abandoned school and the public spaces were clarified.

De Slaag is a typical working-class neighborhood in a village in the Betuwe. With garden gnomes, scooters, run-down senior housing, speed bumps, tidy and cluttered gardens, old family structures and new (sometimes immigrant) residents, small children playing in the bare schoolyard, along with the scent and space of the adjacent meadows.

The solution in De Slaag relies on a step-by-step approach, with each phase providing answers to problems of the school grounds and public space, the question of water reserves, the differentiation of homes, relocation applications and the rising demand for elderly homes.

During a series of large assemblies, the neighborhood questionnaire was rapidly followed by discussions on the future vision. In the meantime, using a digital model created by residents, municipal workers and employees of SWB housing corporation, created spatial scenarios for the neighborhood.

Commissioned by: housing corporation SWB
In partnership with: Linssen en Van Asseldonk
Period: 2008