Daalsepark, Utrecht

Daalsepark Utrecht_Turning ideas into plans

The residents of the Daalseweg in Utrecht needed someone who listens and translates wishes in imaginative ways, without a personal preposition. With the overall city infrastructure changing drastically, residents hoped the seize the opportunity to change things in their advantage.

Focus point of their wishes are the beautiful trees in the soft centre of a motorway that runs through their area. They wish to turn this green spot into an park accessible for everyone.
The local government was prepared to listen and challenged to group of residents to put their ideas on paper, in a convincing way, supported by a professional. 12N Urban Matters supported this group of enthusiastic residents and heard lots of different ideas. Good and inspiring ideas, so it was up to 12N to create a focus and depict it in an appealing way. The result is two versions of a convincing draft design, detailed enough to also calculate costs.

Commissioned by: municipality of Utrecht
Period: 2016