Characterbuildings_Residences for people with attitude

Create a range of new residential products for those in favor of unique living arrangements, including spaces which should or could be finalized by the tenants themselves, within a relatively limited budget; this was the assignment that 12N Urban Matters undertook for the Foundation for Public Housing Experiments (SEV), and the housing corporations Trudo, Nijestee, WBVG and Progrez.

The study’s main conclusion: custom-made products are the primary requirement for the target groups within this market niche. Other conclusions: a say in matters of private residency is highly required, collectivity is desired and mix-use recommended. Another finding was the target group’s preference for low residential costs to comfort and luxury.

In the meantime, these ‘Character-Homes’ are in development in various locations in the Netherlands, partly by introducing ‘propelling functions’ (?). The concept has also been handed over to the Gelderland Union of Housing (WBVG) for further development.

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Commissioned by: SEV, Woonbron, Trudo, Nijestee, WBVG, Progrez, Woonplus
In collaboration with: Bas Thijs
Period: 2007 – 2009