Community 2.0, Eindhoven

Community 2.0_Developing online participation vision

The developments in the areas of web-based communication and social media are in full swing. In 2008, only very few Netherlanders had ever heard of Facebook; 2010 already saw the screening of the blockbuster movie. Districts and neighborhoods are also developing swiftly. Not just social structures, but also facilities and infrastructure are evolving due to new technologies such as fiber optics.

A growing number of people have become digitally-proficient. Nearly everyone works – or plays – with computers. The younger generations are quick to get by on their own, while the fastest-growing group consists of adults aged 50 or higher, though they may require close guidance. But the first step has long since been taken.

Accordingly, Woonbedrijf’s goal has a lot more to it than “building and renting apartments”; anticipating the Zeitgeist, the corporation has tried for several years to integrate these changes to everyone’s benefit. Woonbedrijf invited us to help place online communication in overall context. We worked together with employees of all departments on an applicable suggestion that widens the scope of web-based networking and best serves the goals and transparency of the corporation. The concept development was itself made possible with the aid of social media platforms, allowing participants to personally experience the possibilities this new sphere has to offer.

Commissioned by: Woonbedrijf Eindhoven
In collaboration with: Web24Business & Moon/en/co
Period: summer 2011