Complex 507, Utrecht

Complex 507_About trust and change

Complex 507 in Lombok, Utrecht consists of 353 social housing units. The houses are relatively large, in poor condition and with low rent. And it is rightly called a ‘complex’. Because complex it is: the relationship between Bo-Ex housing and residents has been around freezing point for many years. Trust needs to be rebuilt. And the ambition is high: affordable rent, maintaining all homes, and getting them back in shape technically. The focus is on community-building, sustainability, safety and the prevention of gentrification.

An additional complication to this task is a plan that was created ten years ago, along with a residents’ committee. The plan did not achieve the necessary support from the neighborhood, creating a long stalemate, which further decreased the technical condition and comfort.
12N Urban Matters was selected as an independent process leader to get things started. With a fresh open mind,  and a combination of unorthodox and pragmatic proposals.

The aim is to let the parties jointly draw up a future plan. It is up to 12N to prepare the discussion concerning this, to get the parties to work together in a constructive way, and to give them the opportunity for providing ideas and creative solutions. On April 11, the starting document, recording the ambitions for the future, was signed.

Download the Startdocument here.

Commissioned by: Future Club 507 (residents representation) & Bo-Ex, Utrecht
Period: November 2016 – April 2017