Creative Industry in Dordrecht

Creative Industry in Dordrecht_Researching the potential

Is the ‘creative industry’ just a hype, or can Dordrecht also make some viable room for this up and coming movement? 12N has developed a specialty in cultural outreach and the creative industry, and is tackling this research assignment by taking part in a course led by Nirov (Netherlands Institute for Planning and Housing).

An inventory of developments in other Dutch cities was made, and, through interviews and literary research, a development scheme formulated. This included proposals for concentrating and zoning specific areas for the creative industry in Dordrecht, along with advice for clustering identities and reserving urgently-needed space for contrarian initiatives, as well as providing for the city’s less-developed youth culture.

Download the result here.

Commissioned by: municipality of Dordrecht en Nirov
In collaboration with: Ans van Berkum (CASLA)
Period: fall 2005 – spring 2006