Future vision, IJsselstein

Future vision IJsselstein_Different times, new choices

Building in the countryside? Be a smart city, or emphasize cultural and historical treasures? No more cars in the city center, or free parking? Just some questions that came up during the conversation with citizens about the future IJsselstein.

A future vision on IJsselstein was established in 2010, but times change. Therefore the local government asked 12N Urban Matters ansd Buro de Steeg to take a new look, and to do so in in dialogue with town residents, over a period of six months. Aming for a clear description of  identity, values ​​and goals, that may be used for some time as a basis for various sectoral policies such as residential vision, movement vision and outer vision.

And discussions were held with conviction. 650 people responded to he population survey, and over a hundred people showed up at the meeting, which included a self-developed serious game about IJsselstein. Topics included the identity of IJsselstein, the strength of allies and stakeholders, and opportunities for the future.

Commissioned by: municipality of IJsselstein
In collaboration with: Frans Werter, Buro de Steeg
Period: 2016