Neighborhood of the future, Helmond

Circular neighborhood of the future_Helmond

In Helmond, the neighborhood of the Future will be developed based on the ideas of ​​circular construction and development. A “smart” area where approximately 1000 new homes will be built, “smart” standing for a complete approach to participation, energy-positive, circular, innovation in mobility and accessibility, data and health.

Residents play an important role in the development, and will also partly develop and build this smart neighborhood themselves. Technology is useful, and data and ICT play an important role in testing and researching new concepts. It is important to develop a process, together with the future residents, in which ideas, wishes, the latest innovative possibilities and expectations regarding their future life can be brought together in the smart neighborhood.

We will also take into account the future residents’ wishes in the social field: how do they perceive the social cohesion in the new neighborhood and what role do they play? How do we create social cohesion and cooperation? How can the smart neighborhood with all its innovative possibilities play a role in improving the quality of life?

At the end of 2017, the outline of a plan was completed and Treffers handed over the baton.

Commissioned by: Municipality of Helmond, Brainport
Period: August 2017 – January 2018