Plug-in-City, Eindhoven

Plug-in-City_A circular living lab

Fulco Treffers has been a member of the Plug-in-City advisory board since the beginning of 2018. An advisory board of what? Of a Plug-in-City. A temporary village. A circular living lab. A workshop space. An oasis of reuse.

In 2014, such a place was created in collaboration with the residents and designers, using their passion for the reuse of written-off materials. Workspaces and public spaces were built and rebuilt. And during the “doing” stage, much was learned from the experiences. In 2017, the project won the Circular Economy Award.

Plug-In-City will move to the Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S in Eindhoven in 2018. The basic structure represents a grid of 24 sea containers. Around ten work units for creative companies are being developed inside the containers. Also, the design will include a machine shop, a flex office, a workshop room and a large events room with bar and stage. Workspaces of the top layer will be connected by walkways. The collective spaces will be made wind and waterproof by the use of recycled (glass) facades. Local Green power presents the source of all required energy.

In 2018, the pioneering phase will evolve to a stage of deepening. A foundation, a board, a council of advice. Experimenting and just “doing” it. It is nice to be able to experience this process, to follow, help, and advise. And “do” it.

Period: March 2018 – present