Public art in Deventer

Art in public space, Deventer_Member municipal committee

The new policies for art in public space (2011) have been finalized. A committee reviews new initiatives and advises on the maintenance of existing art works. Based on his experience as urban planner and event-organizer, Fulco Treffer from 12N Urban Matters was invited as committee member. His experience as founder and, for several years, head of Eindhoven’s Temporary Art Center (TAC) – a creative base for young, talented artists, ranging from theater to fine arts, music and design – have resulted in a deep comprehension of current developments in art and culture.

The committee inspects diverse projects, such as the planning and execution of an art work in an improved access road, and an art project that plays on the value of the temporary in art.

Commissioned by: municipality of Deventer
Period: 2010 – 2015