The Dutch Datcha

The Dutch Datcha_A place for artists

The Dutch Datcha invites artists from Eastern Europe to The Netherlands. The Dutch Datcha is an inspiring place to work and live, for visual artists, designers, architects, as well as performing artists, musicians or writers. Founded and supported by Fulco Treffers and Marjo van Schaik, and their companies 12N Urban Matters and Mare.

Key words for the residency are transformation, connection and collaboration. How do artists from Eastern Europe deal with consequences during and after war and inner conflicts, as an artist, as a European, as a human.

The Dutch Datcha connects the artists to cultural networks in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and other places in the Netherlands. Throughout the residency period we organise regularly (semi) public events in which the artist will have a role. Some residents, performers and partners: Irakli Sabekia (Georgia), Masha Reva (Ukraine), Danish Blue and LaPiratesse (Belgium/The Netherlands).

Check out the after movie of the opening event here: The Dutch Datcha Opening Event

Since 2019