Zoetermeer 2030

Zoetermeer 2030_The future of Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer is growing. Investments are being made in the city. In new homes, in people and neighborhoods in the existing city. But what else is needed? How and where can we add a new quality to this city? 12N was asked to design and support the process in which 125,000 residents talk about the future of the city.

How do we improve the quality of life, well-being and safety? How can we improve the attractiveness of the city: green, culture, sports, shops, events? Which places in the city need improvement? How do we ensure more employment? And what do we really need to solve now?

This dialogue, as it is called in Zoetermeer, takes place in four rounds. The first round is mainly the collection of ideas and wishes about the city in 2030. The second round is an in-depth study of the central themes that have come from round 1. The third round is the direction chosen by the residents. And in the fourth round, the political process takes place: decision-making and start of implementation.

The outcomes are building blocks for the environmental vision, through which Zoetermeer will develop in the coming years. In addition, the results are used for programs that have already been set in motion, such as the inner city and the entrance area.

Fulco Treffers is substantively responsible for the conversations in society, and will translate their content to shared conclusions and subprojects.

Commissioned by: Municipality of Zoetermeer
In collaboration with: Ronald Schepers, Wit communication
Period: January 2018 to February 2019