Zuidwijk, Rotterdam

Zuidwijk Rotterdam_Peaceful, sustainable, low-cost

How do you improve the future of the old, vertically-aligned flats (portieketageflats) of the Hoge Kampen in Zuidwijk, Rotterdam for the coming 10 years without structural changes? The challenge precluded a discussion between 12N  Urban Matters, and the area’s residents,  which resulted in a strategic document.

The client, Vestia housing corporation, was presented with three core themes and ten practical and feasible suggestions for upgrading the flats’ living atmosphere and image. The examples varied from providing broadband wireless internet to organizing an internal economic system, from fabricating curtains with custom prints through finding sponsors to electing representatives and promoting security in each block.

The process began with an introductory evening with the residents, followed by the formulating of creative solutions which all residents could identify with. An added plus was the residents’ appreciation of the advantages the flats (would) have to offer.

The strategic document was used by the corporation not just to realize the suggested solutions, but also to encourage and stimulate solutions beyond traditional, technical/structural-oriented methods.

Commissioned by: Vestia Rotterdam
In collaboration with: Timo Bralts, Bestwerk
Period: January – March 2007