Circular and social, article

Circular and social

Fulco Treffers and Marjo van Schaik worked together on a article about circular building and social ambitions, for the cooperative network of Cirkelstad.

This so called ‘green paper’ gives an answer to the following question ‘How does circularity relate to social objectives?’ It gives a fundamental perspective on this, to look at circularity from the social viewpoint, to find ways to connect the system world and the real life world. The theories of Kate Haworth, Jurgen Habermas, Bruno Latour and Stewart Brand are used to find a set of values to build on. Next to the fundamental perspective, the practical approach can be found. All topics and theories come with links to interesting and inspirational projects.

The document will be the base for the Cirkelstad community on this topic, and will be discussed, enriched, adjusted for a more social circular building future.

Download the pdf (in Dutch only).

Period: Jan-May 2023
For: Cirkelstad
With: Mare