Initiative CircularHub


The understanding of circular economy (design, production, construction) is still in its infancy. Technically, there are possibilities, although the development is still in full swing. In terms of processes, legislation, financial models and behavior/culture, many limits still need to be overcome. CircuLab was created for that purpose by an initiative group of Woonbedrijf, Park Strijp Beheer and 12N Urban Matters.

CircuLab’s mission is to bring circular construction forward, from a niche market to regular (larger) players. The role of the end user (usage, experience, comfort, willingness to pay) is a key factor in this. The former SFS bunker on the Glaslaan/Kastanjelaan side will, in the following months, be transformed into a lively place where knowledge about circular building and design will be bundled and shared. The circular homes of Glaskring (by Woonbedrijf) will be located next to it. Such bundling of projects provides knowledge, energy and a network for further development of circular thinking.

Fulco Treffers was a quartermaster of CircuLab, and put the new building on the map in the first place, in collaboration with PluginCity, in October 2019. The open organizers, designers and operators of this circular hotspot were attracted via an open call. BuroKade, PluginCity and De Girls van Eindhoven took over the baton in December 2019.

Commissioned by: Park Strijp Beheer, Strijp-S Eindhoven
Period: 2019