Cultural area, Eindhoven

Viktoriakwartier_Programmatic vision and planning cultural creative neighborhood in Eindhoven

How is a neighborhood made to grow organically? What should and shouldn’t be done? 12N Urban Matters developed a toolkit and framework with which users, housing corporation and municipality could move ahead.

The client’s wish was for an inventory of programmatic and organizational aspects for the development of Viktoriakwartier in Eindhoven, to become the setting for a dynamic, creative-cultural neighborhood. Viktoriakwartier is a planned, top-down building- and redevelopment project in which living, cultural recreation and creative outreach come together in an intimate wijkje or mini-community; situated in the historic centre where old and new combine and the city eases out of the shopping spree towards an alternative, creative promenade scene.

To achieve a properly-balanced concept development, planning and implementation, the developing party, Woonbedrijf, with the support of the City of Eindhoven, assigned 12N as responsible for the project’s programme. 12N summarized the functions in Viktoriakwartier that could be merged and the necessary requirements to do so. 12N drew up the overall programme specifications, performed group studies and defined the various price levels for renting residential, shop, workshop- and office space. Methods introduced by 12N included excursions, networking days, workshop days, conceptual brainstorms and events which also welcomed outside expertise and cultural entrepreneurs as knowledge sources and creative motors.

12N also offered suggestions touching on the subject of identity, dealing with existing and historical urban elements, recruitment and selection of residents/users, contact with stakeholders, communication strategy and organizational structure. The process included interim presentations and products that adhered to the ‘style’ of the project – public sessions organized along with on-the-spot interviews, virtual 3D animation, DJ’s, VJ’s, live music and a 14 x 14 meter plan that enabled visitors to literally take home a piece of the neighborhood.

A very intense cooperation was achieved with Mathijs Bouw of One Architecture, who worked on the spatial parameters. 12N was in charge of the programmatic directives. The development of Viktoriakwartier has ground to a halt, mainly due to a change in priorities within the building plan.
Note: after thirteen years of waiting the redevelopment got new energy with several new partners in 2020. Realisation to be started in 2022.

Download the result here.

Commissioned by: woningbouwcorporatie Woonbedrijf
In collaboration with: One Architecture
Period: 2005 – 2007