Creative district, Dordrecht

Voorstraat Noord Dordrecht_Creating a street full of culture

What are the measures used to create the right climate for creative, dynamic initiatives in the monumental Voorstraat Noord in Dordrecht? 12N inventoried the possibilities for creating more vitality out of the 130 monuments in the street and the buildings in between, as well as from public space, by shifting emphasis.

The inventory resulted in advising both to the Department of Economic Affairs and the Department of Cultural Affairs. The reason for using 12N was its experience in optimizing the relationship between culture and the city. In the narrow street, the organizational and programmatic recommendations turned out to be more likely to create change than the spatial design issues. Ideas for future models were sketched with imagination by collages.

Commissioned by: municipality of Dordrecht
Period: November 2005 – March 2006