With pride I can tell I am working at the Kharkiv School of Architecture as the Curator of the 1st Semester of the Master of Architecture (MA). Together with Oleg Drozdov, Oleksandra Naryzhna and Yevheniia Dulko we discussed the urgency and importance of architecture education in general, and in specific in Ukraine.

It is an honor to work with a dedicated team of pioneers, who are not afraid of aiming for the highest possible. Only this last fall the Bachelor started. And this September the MA lifts off!

The master’s (working) title is “Shifting Architecture”. Our mission, our dream:

  • As a school, we feel the urgency to shift to a better future. We create a vision for this future, starting from today’s topics and challenges.
  • The architect has a huge responsibility to the people that live in and around their buildings and cities, and to the planet, the environment.
  • Keywords in our education are justice, trust and dignity, in order to be able to relate to questions of inclusivity, poverty and corruption.
  • We are more than aware that we have to deal with issues of a shrinking population, search for identity and trust and international instability.
  • Both technological and social innovation are key elements for dealing with a huge climate challenge and limited resources.

Of course, there is much more to say about this. Learning skills, design skills and development of applied research and connection with professional practice… I will keep you posted! For now, the first semester is getting more and more colorful, more and more urgent and more and more fun.