Poet in war-time

Poet in war-time


The news struck me a couple of days ago: the death of a young Ukrainian poet Maksym Kryvtsov who was defending his land at the frontline.

He first joined the defence forces back in 2014, and then decided to do it again in 2022 when the full-scale invasion happened. He did it, together with many other young poets, artists, architects, teachers, policemen, bakers and plumbers that this war has taken forever.

The war made him to re-invent himself, without losing himself; he was still a poet. But he got killed. And that is where it ended for him. Even though his work continues.

Because Maksym was still writing poems. He wrote about the frontline, about the war. And shared insights in a way pictures often fail.

The last poem that Maksym published on facebook two days before he died, ends with these lines:
“Let it already be spring
So I can finally bloom
As a violet”

Honestly, I do not understand all of what he wrote. But it is inspiring, scaring, hope-giving, strengthening. But unfortunately, also Maksym is yet another reminder that Ukraine is sacrificing its passionate, talented people just to be able to exist as a free country.

I’ll repost the last poem he wrote in the comments below.

(photo from Maksym’s Facebook page)