War in Ukraine

Kharkiv School keeps on functioning during the War


So proud to be part of this school, this team, this movement…

The Kharkiv School of Architecture decided to reopen online again. Here is their statement.

Dear Friends,

The first weeks of the war, announced to Ukraine by russia, was extremely difficult for the Kharkiv School of Architecture. Everyone tried to get out of the hell into which russian troops turned our Kharkiv. Our teachers and students are now relatively safe. Almost all fled Kharkiv; some are still on their way to a safe place.

After these two weeks, we try to calm down as much as possible and think about our future. Kharkiv School of Architecture has decided that we will continue working and staying in Ukraine. We need to think about the long term in this challenging time, and this is the education of our young generation of architects who remain in Ukraine and will rebuild our cities.

We also strive to become a platform for communication and dialogue between our friends and expert architects from different countries except russia to rebuild Kharkiv and other destroyed cities after the war.

The support that European education community give us now and shelter to Ukrainian students is invaluable, but we must do everything possible to accumulate all forces and efforts in Ukraine.

The school is now reformatting its program, and we are resuming online learning. It is not easy, as many of our students and faculty now do not have an uninterrupted Internet connection. We are all involved in volunteering. Several of our students and staff have joined the defense and the army. Nevertheless, we need to keep in touch, support each other and continue training in combat because we all will return to our destroyed cities with new knowledge and experience to rebuild them.

We do believe in Ukrainian victory! Therefore, despite the horrific war, we have been working closely together with locals and the architectural community to (re) build our country.